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Biloko is a combination of fresh excellent Pan African food with a fun packaging and a distinct atmosphere. Biloko is an upscale authentic catering and pop up business that has an unorthodox menu combining foods from around different parts of Africa and the Caribbean. Biloko incorporates a variation of tropical ingredients that are often difficult to source.

Biloko is a combination of quality, authentic, hard to find, healthy food, with good service and a pleasant fast paced, tropical atmosphere.

Biloko is ‘soul food’ inspired from Africa, West Indies and America. It uses fresh tasty ingredients with bold flavours. It is the re-imagined for the millennial; a composition of foods from around the world that complement each other. Biloko incorporates unique flavours and modern techniques, and presents ‘soul food’ that is flavourful, fresh, and eye-catching.

All the dishes are made with Halal meat and there are a variety of vegetarian/vegan options to choose from.

Currently, there is nothing like Biloko on the market, as Biloko’s uniqueness derives from the combination of the foods from tropical regions that are not typically paired together with western influences.

Biloko provides many services including private catering, pop up restaurants/stalls and doing events such as supper clubs. Biloko is committed to providing a unique experience and prides itself in offering our customers delicious, nutritious and unique meals


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Head Chef and Founder of Biloko - Joyce Kudia



Pop Ups

Biloko is an upscale authentic street food business that offers Pan African Bowls that appeal to a wide variety of people. Biloko has hosted a variety of reputable pop ups.



Biloko events is about providing people not only with delicious food but an unforgettable dining experience. 

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Private Catering

Delicious authentic Pan African food and excellent service for Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events, Office Lunches, Dinner Parties and many more by professional chefs, 

Pan African Cuisine 

Catering Service and Pop-Up